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Our humble institute began in 2002 in a garage, sitting on a mattress and using cardboard boxes as desks with just 4 students. Most importantly, the objective of our institution is, firstly, the revival of complete Deen in the entre mankind until the day of Qiyaamah. Tarbiyah and islaamic nurturing is always of utmost importance.

Madrasah Ihyaa id-Deen has the following branches: Haafiz classes for full time and part time students. Aalim classes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. Haafiz classes in Robertsham. a branch in DRC(Democratic Republic of Congo) since 2009. Haafizah classes. The institute also caters for sunnah recreational activities for youth.We also arrange islaamic and spiritual get togethers for students of various haafiz classes.

Why Choose Us?

During the heart of the first winter there, a little boy named Nishaat, aged about 5 or 6, walked into Madrasah on a Saturday morning at around 7am, just as the sun was rising, with the thick fog still hanging in the air, and the smell of fire and smoke everywhere. Students were huddled together, wrapped in blankets, wearing thick socks, gloves, warm caps etc. The icy cold concrete floor only increased the numbness in the childrens’ tiny bodies due to the intense cold, especially at sunrise, when it becomes even colder.
Nishaat was only wearing a shorts … and nothing else. shivering like a leaf, unable to talk loud enough for the ustaad to hear, his nose running like a leaking tap. the ustaad politely encouraged him to go back home to get something warmer to wear, feeling very sorry for him, and all the time wondering why he didn’t dress warmly enough. a few minutes passed, and he returned … dressed exactly as he left, saying that in fact there was nothing at all at home for him to wear. the ustaad, out of concern, accompanied him home to find a tiny ill-lit zinc shack, with not even a blanket for the little boy to use. their home was almost bare, except for a few semi-broken pieces of basic furniture. There really was nothing at all for the little boy to wear.

The realisation then dawned upon us as to how inadequate the living conditions of these people are, and that in reality they are seriously poor. is it not true that we often say … or think that we are poor? are we really this poor? can we ever claim that we have ever had insufficient clothes in the cold winter? are our homes as small and as cold as a zinc shack? may this insight enhance us to become more grateful to allaah, and never take for granted the variety we have to choose from in terms of clothing types, colours etc… even in the cold.

Probably the greatest lesson is that despite all odds, Nishaat still came to Madrasah. How often do we keep our children away from School or Madrasah for less? How important do we consider the learning of, practising or propagating Our Islaam.

Our Expertise

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